Meditations on the Sleeping Dragon aka ‘Book of Babel’ ©1997
Accepted for publication in April of 2000 by Samuel Weiser, Inc.

This Study is
Dedicated to the Human Species
There will be no Sacrificial Lamb
this time
The Dragon has had it's fill

Spring 1986, as we were preparing to move from Florida to Colorado, I had a dream of a child in pajamas on a bed in the kitchen, busily writing on a paper. He jumped up and ran by me, out the door and down the hall into the dark. Then came running back again, without the paper, and jumped back onto the bed.

That same day, after the dream, when my 8 year old daughter came home she gave me a folded piece of paper that had fallen out of her desk at school when she opened it. It read:

I had told no one about the dream yet.

So we moved to Boulder, having never been, and looked and looked and asked about a mountain called the Sleeping Dragon. No one knew. Then one day I found it and knew why no one knew. It was not called the Sleeping Dragon, it just was.

And so this compilation happened, 10 years for 10 chapters. It became a collage of many voices, a surrealistic cataloguing of thoughts of many minds of our time and past. Voices pulled together to speak One Thought for a positive transition to Future Now. A very eclectic project originally called ‘Meditations on the Sleeping Dragon’

The Dragon sleeps. And the sediments of time settle up against it, so that it appears a mountain. Green, gold and orange mosses and lichen cover rocks, as a tarnish growing over its shiny scales, and the green of the forests close in. Only a mountain in the form of a sleeping dragon, a fossil of long past, remains of the Great Myth.

Many people love the dragon image, forgetting why; the ancient memory, the feeling of power. They wear the image on their clothing, and adorn themselves with dragon and serpent images in their ornaments and jewelry. They place the images around in their environments.

We inquire of Myth and find that in a good one a dragon was called Enlightener of Darkness, and had control over this effect by the opening and closing of its eyes.

Could it be that wakening with this dragon would again bring to light positive clear direction? We are born into and enter this dream to find the realm of possibilities. Its vital principle lives in its eyes. It causes the earth to quake as it tosses and turns in its dreams and nightmares.

We were watching the teachers pour out and found our Selves funneled to a center; funneled into a center of an outpouring, paradigm shift in the sands of time. The hourglass has turned down to up, we hurrying thru, helping to influence the brighter/intelligent side; digesting a little darkness to enlighten the empty space, void, fear shadows of our minds, black holes of our universe; the Abyss.

It is here we began our quest, and here in Boulder that we began to delve deeply, more deeply into the Dream. It is on building a new mythology out of creative understanding of the old ones. We are approaching it as a means to incite others to use the history of the changing symbols, myths, archetypes and other wisdoms and understandings in working toward a more positively enlightened age of humanity; to consciously create the New Myth, waking and dreaming together, sharing them.

This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Wake Up! Make it so, Number One!

Com-pi-l_tion, [Fr. compilation; L. compilatio, a pillaging, plundering; hence, contemptuously of a collection of documents, a compilation, from compilatus, pp. of compiler, to plunder, pilfer.

1. The act of compiling or collecting from different sources, a gathering or piling up; a collection.

2. That which is compiled or collected from different sources, as a collection of material from various publications, to form a separate work.

Most of us do it; underline, highlite, or copy various quotes we find to hold someessential truth; to give us support, affirmation we are not alone, on the path.

dragon sightings

The hour in which we conceived of "Meditations on the Sleeping Dragon" we saw two symbols together in the clouds; the Dragon, who alone means success, was flying with the Phoenix, which together the Chinese note as an emblem of the perfect marriage, and the union of Heaven and Earth.

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