why it takes time

I like to work from an assortment of favorite photos -- photos of different ages and moods -- in combination with knowing something about the Subject, such as; passions, interests, places they love to go, environments they love to be in. Whatever can give me a feeling of their life, maybe even dreams and desires. Something the Artist's eye can work with, with Poetic License, not just faces and places to copy.

All this takes time to ponder to find inspiration. Do not expect a realistically exact likeness but feeling.

The Story of Steinway

One of the 2 brothers had never allowed his portrait to be done while he was alive, yet had done so for his wife and 3 children. The son had seen my art and approached me. He and his 2 sisters commissioned me. He told me stories of how much his father had loved going to Green River in the Rockies for outdoorsman adventure. I was given photos of him at the piano in the staunch environment of Aristocracy, and photos of him in his happiness at Green River. And I see the reflection of him in the piano as his spirit passed on. I was given photos of the portraits that had been done of the wife and children. I felt I should try to tie what ever I did into the feeling of the artist who had done the other 4 portraits. They presented it to their mother at Christmas. She cried.

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