How far thru the edges
                     My universe fractures
                                   into MultiVerse
                                   poetically defying
                                                 YOUR restrictions
                                                 to see the Light

                     delving deep
                     found caverns to Light
                                          Contact Implosion

I close my eyes
                     looking up
                     the brightness shines thru still
                                   still exploding
                                                 in My vision

       I close my eyes to feel
                     his penetrating force
                                   filter thru her old growth
                                                 virgin forests

       YOU identify YOURself with Sun
       Life Source Force
                     whose penetration
                     warms us to Life
                     warms our only Earth
                          our only Earth who nurtures, sustains
                                   filters food and water
                                          air and Life
                                   womb who bore us
                                          bears us still
                                          in this travail we inflict

YOU close YOUR eyes
                     YOU do not See
       YOUR individuation has gone far, too far

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