YOU slay the dragons
                     dragons mate in flight
                            the orgasm touching creation anew
                                          flying thru creative reason
                                          fountain of Life



       GOD / if YOU only Knew


                     beyond these edges of NoWhere
                                   another moment
                                                 in expanse

                     flying now
                                   endless door thru time
       Flight Eternity
                     thru walls of His City
                     into the deep and wide
                                   full spectrum of Life
       Precognitive flight memories
                     dreams SHE remembers
                     uniting with               penetration
       Sensing Creation
                                   sensual places pleasing
                                                 to the spirit
                     touching, delving deep
                                   into Sentient Being
       Dragons mate in flight
                     plumed serpents
                     in communion
YOU cast the shadow
                     against the Source
                                          Life Force
       YOU slay the dragons

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